Real Fresh Dead Honeybees for Crafting | Apis mellifera ligustica


My loss is your gain. My hive died this winter leaving me with a multitude of fresh italian honeybees for crafting. There’s far too many for me to use myself so I’m offering them to you instead!

Please keep in mind that these bees are FRESH, which means that I am storing them in a freezer. They will require additional air drying to prevent molding prior to use in any crafts. But, the benefit to these fresh bees is that they can be posed prior to working on your craft, no need for rehydrating.

These will come to you packaged in recycled packaging. They will either arrive in a larger box, or in a small box or plastic tube inside of a poly mailer/bubble mailer; both should survive USPS shipping and keep your bees from getting crushed, but if they come to you damaged, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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