Hardcover A Day In the Life of a Duck Named Fluff Signed Copy with Cut & Sew Plush Pattern


Follow Fluff, a Pekin duck, as she spends her day out in the sun, playing in the grass with her four friends Peanut Butter, Jelly, Coleslaw, and Mayo. 8.5″x11″ glossy hardcover children’s book, 25 full-color pages.

Additionally, you will get the cut and sew duck pattern:

Just like in the book, you can have your own Fluff at home. Purchase this cotton cut and sew, get a little crafty, and make your own Fluff!

1. Starting with the bill, sew both pieces together, right sides facing, except straight edge. Trim and clip seams. Turn inside out
2. Stuff the bill so it is mostly solid
3. Pinch straight edge of bill together opposite finished seam, lining up intersections. Sew shut
4. Sew one edge of belly to bottom of one body panel, right sides facing
5. Sew other edge of belly to bottom of other body panel, right sides facing
6. Pin flat edge of duck bill to flat edge of head on the body panel. The bill should be inside of the head/body panel, sandwiched between two body panels. Angle bill down if necessary
7. Pin, then sew, entire remainder of body panels together, with exception to where the belly is attached, and the fill gap. Be mindful of sewing over other end of the bill
8. Trim and clip seams. Turn inside out and fill
9. Sew fill gap shut

Video instructions:

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