Licensing & Fair Use Information

All artworks contained within are copyright © Aimee Cozza unless otherwise specified. I reserve all rights, unless otherwise specified.

Sharing on Social Media

You are allowed to share my work on social media under the following conditions:

  1. I am listed as the artist.
  2. You do not crop out my watermark and/or signature.

Tagging and/or link backs are not required, but are greatly appreciated!

  • Facebook: Aimee Cozza Illustration
  • Instagram: @AimeeCozza
  • Twitter: @AimeeCozza
  • Website: or

Use on other websites

You are allowed to share/use my artwork on other websites as long as all of the following conditions are met:

  1. I am listed as the artist.
  2. A link back to my website and/or social media is provided.
  3. You are not using my artwork for profit or promotion of a for profit event.

Example Acceptable Implementation & Credit

A scene of a silhouetted crouching man and a wolf-like creature with glowing eyes by the edge of highlight reflective water in a burnt up forest.
Illustration by Aimee Cozza.

For Profit Examples

These are for profit examples for websites in which my artwork is not allowed to be used.

  • For placement on any and all products without my express written permission, pay-on-demand site or otherwise. Amazon, Etsy, eBay, RedBubble, Society6, and others are included in this.
  • To promote any movie, television show, documentary, website, book, podcast, music, live stream, video game, comic book, app, product, or otherwise in which you may believe my artwork is a good “example” or representation of the content contained within without my explicit written permission.

Use in Print

You may not use any of my illustrations in digital or physical print for any purpose whatsoever without my explicit written permission.

Use for Tattoos

You may not use any of my illustrations for tattoo purposes without explicit written permission. Some works may be commissioned works that were meant for their commissioners, so if you’d like to use an artwork of mine, or part of an artwork of mine, for a tattoo, please contact me to ask.


If you wish to use one or more of my artworks to promote your product, book, video game, app, or something else, I allow for licensing agreements. Please contact me if you would like to license one or more of my artworks for any for profit purpose.

Strictly Forbidden Practices

Please do not:

  • Crop out my signature and/or watermark
  • Claim my work as your own
  • Use my artwork for character sheets and/or character reference sheets
  • Add additional text, quotes, filters, or make other alterations to my artwork
  • Include my artwork within collages or other artworks without explicit written permission
  • Upload any of my copyrighted artwork to free stock sites
  • Upload any of my copyrighted artwork to any art or artist websites

My artwork is very important to me and is the culmination of years and years of practice and hard work. I appreciate your respect to my copyright! If something is not covered here and you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.